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Brighton Real Estate Agency to bring defibrillator to auctions

We love finding stories where communities are being innovative and finding ways to keep their communities safe.

This is a great idea, selling houses is a stressful experience….buying one even more so! If you are selling your house, ask your agent if they have a defibrillator in their car?

A leading Bayside community business is taking the initiative to help keep its citizens safe by carrying a defibrillator to every Auction in the Bayside area. The following story refers to a “heart attack” but the symptoms are classic to those of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest – no warning signs!

With every minute that passes after a sudden cardiac arrest, the chance of survival decreases by 10%. But by increasing the number of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) out in our communities, we have the power to change the outcome.

You can help create a safer space for your community by including a defibrillator in your safety equipment. Is your community prepared?

Nick Johnstone Real Estate

BUYING a home at auction can be a stressful experience — something Tom Friedman discovered the hard way.
Mr Friedman had a heart attack while bidding on a Brighton East unit late last year.

Nick Johnstone Real Estate agent Dane Costello and a local GP who was watching the auction rushed to the 65-year-old’s aid.
Mr Costello learned CPR while working as a pool lifeguard.

Now all his Nick Johnstone colleagues have the skill. They performed CPR until an ambulance came and took Mr Friedman to hospital, where he remained in an induced coma for a week. He’s now fully recovered, and counting his lucky stars.

“I had no pain, no symptoms. I was just gone,” he said.

The Brighton man was bidding on the Binnie St property for a friend who had been “too anxious” to do so herself: “I told her beforehand, ‘don’t worry, I’ve done this a few times’,” he said.

Mr Costello said he saw Mr Friedman collapse, hitting his head on the road. Luckily, the agent had learned CPR while working as a pool lifeguard while at university about four years ago: “I never had to use it then. I thought the days of me needing it were gone when I became an agent,” he said.

Agency director and auctioneer on the day, Nick Johnstone, said his staff had all had CPR training since.

“We’ve also bought a defibrillator and will be taking it to all our auctions,” he said.

“Auctions are obviously a pretty stressful time for the buyers, sellers and agents.” Mr Johnstone said he stopped the auction when Mr Friedman went into cardiac arrest and sold the house to another party later that night. Mr Friedman’s friend bought another property through the agency soon after.

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