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Defib for Life is attending the National General Assembly of Local Governments

Getting the message out there is a big part of what we spend a lot of time working on her at Defib For Life. Raising the awareness is just as crucial as raising the number of defibrillators in our community – so this coming week we are going to work on both!

Defib for Life is attending the National General Assembly of Local Governments. A unique opportunity to connect with over 800 influencers and decision makers from councils across Australia whilst they develop policy and fiscal strategy for the coming year. These delegates represent the peak body for the local government sphere in Australia, the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) which initiates policy development on national issues.

Attending the Assembly offers us the opportunity to show these delegates WHAT WE DO which is to educate communities to access early defibrillation knowing its imperative to improving outcomes from an unexpected sudden cardiac arrest.

During the Assembly, we have the opportunity to engage with federal politicians, to show them that it is now more important than ever to respond to the demand in the community to supply more units nationally to sporting clubs, organisations, workplaces, schools, and the like and to eventually create relevant legislative change to make AED’s legally required within these locations.

You can help out if you like, by writing to your local council and or elected members and ask them if they are going to invest a small amount of money to make your community rescue ready!

Don’t wait til its too late.

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