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Sports Club Grants: Funding Your Life-Saving Defibrillator

For small and not-for-profit associations, a defibrillator can feel like a luxury, rather than the critical safety equipment it is.

Although most sports club recognise defibrillators as an essential part of their safety equipment toolkit, the initial outlay of cash required to install one can be daunting. For smaller clubs operating on shoestring budgets, raising the money needed can seem like a difficult issue to overcome. Your registration fees and community events cover the basics, but finding room for facility and equipment upgrades is an uphill battle.


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Luckily, external funding opportunities are available from a variety of organisations in Australia.

Grants can be a valuable source of finance for these smaller clubs looking to protect their club with a life-saving defibrillator. We’ve put together a useful list of upcoming opportunities for funding in various locations around Australia to help you find a grant that relates to you. Follow the links for more information about how to apply.


State Grant Name Provider Opening Date Deadline More information
SA Program & Equipment Grants SA Government – Office for Recreation and Sport 12 Aug 2017 23 Sept 2017 Visit their website
SA Community Recreation and Sports Facilities Program SA Government – Office for Recreation and Sport 10 Feb 2018 9 April 2018  Visit their website
SA Quick Response Adelaide City Council Open now! Ongoing Visit their website
WA Recreation and Facilities Fund Tronox and Shire of Dandaragan Open now! 30 June 2017 Visit their website 
Vic Community Support Grants Program Ararat Rural City Council Open now! 15 June 2017 Visit their website 
Vic Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program Victoria State Government Open now! Ongoing Visit this website
QLD Get in the Game Get Going Clubs 19 June 2017 1 Sept 2017 Visit the website
NSW Stronger Communities Fund Dubbo Regional Council Open now! 26 May 2017 Visit the website
NT Sport and Active Recreation Grants NT Government Open now! Not listed Visit the website

*Note: If your club or association is for-profit or operates gaming machines on the premises, you may be ineligible for some of these grants.


Tips for applying for grants

  • Make sure you read and understand the guidelines and requirements before applying. If a certain grant has outlined that there are specific items that the grant can or can’t be used to purchase, make sure it specifies defibrillators are on the ‘yes’ list;


  • Apply or register your intention to apply as early as you can. It gives you time to revise or update your application and communicate with necessary administrators as necessary. It also means you won’t accidentally miss a deadline and lose the chance to be funded;


  • Adding documentation and letters of support to back your application will give your application an added boost of credibility. Make sure to check the guidelines to see if these added documents are admissible; and


  • Email Defib For Life if you would like us to send you any support product information or a quote to submit with your grant to qualify the price and package inclusions.


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Other funding opportunities for sports clubs

Other than getting creative with your fundraising activities out in the community (stay tuned for our next blog about how to hold a unique fundraising event!), you can also contact your local council to discover possible grant opportunities.

Most local councils have initiatives designed to help organisations and associations that have a positive impact on the community to improve their facilities or equipment. Find your local council website through the following links:

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The only way to save a victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest is through the immediate use of a defibrillator.


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