Why choose a Defib for Life package?

We’re not-for-profit and have worked for 7 years to reduce the impact Sudden Cardiac Arrest has on our communities.

NSW defibrillator grant defib for life

Our mission is to help clubs be prepared in the case of an emergency by having a defibrillator on site to reduce the number of SCA deaths each year. We provide expert training and education to help clubs feel confident using the equipment.

Defib For Life gives you the choice of the two best defibrillators on the market, designed to give you the best chance of success and minimise risk.

Our Cardiac Science G5 has an a 8 year warranty with a 7 year service and replacement program FREE of CHARGE! We replace the pads and batteries for you in that time – not you. This rescue ready to unit self tests daily – its ready for you any time to save a  life.

We also offer a 7 year warranty and replacement program with the Zoll AED Plus.

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Not all AED units are the same and not all packages are the same.

As a not-for-profit,  we have done the research for you seeking out the best 2 units on the market and putting a package together specifically designed for sporting clubs.

With this grant, you’re more easily able to install this life-saving device in your facility, increasing the chances of survival in the event of a SCA.

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It’s official – Defib For Life has been approved as an official NSW Government AED Service Provider!

What the grant means for you

What this means is that the Defib For Life defibrillator packages are approved for you to purchase through the new NSW grant scheme. We offer a choice of the two leading defibrillators on the market, with the longest warranty and no cost replacement pads and batteries during the warranty period.

If you are an incorporated, not for profit community based sports club in NSW, you are eligible to apply for the grant. There is also room for licensed sporting clubs, sports clubs associated to schools or churches, or Councils on behalf of clubs supporting sharing facilities – the grant covers a lot of options, so make sure you check out the link.

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We can help you with your application

The grant application is available for you to complete – but you don’t have to do it alone. We would love to help!

There are a huge range of packages available through our team. Call us on 1300 880 309 or request a call back to find the right package for you. We can also support you throughout the grant application process!