News ALERT……….Just received a call from an RSL Club in Caulfield, they used their AED on a 52 year old male. He was taken to the Alfred Hospital and is recovering.

The Cardiac Science G5 has the inbuilt technology where the crucial data recorded during the life saving use can then be downloaded on a USB for the medical staff, who then use to more accurately continue their great work, getting patient back to good health more quickly.

The Ambo’s took the AED with them to the Alfred, to have the rescue data downloaded. The chap from the RSL rang me concerned however that they now have no AED and what if something else was to happen.

Chance encounter saves life on Serendipity Drive

Di Wilfschefski was walking on Serendipity Drive with a friend when she was struck down by a cardiac arrest. Although only 5 per cent survive a cardiac arrest in Australia, Di is still alive thanks to a series of fortunate events including some nurses being in the area, and a local Bendigo Bank having a community defibrillator.

“Di just called my name and grabbed her chest and collapsed, it was that quick,” Ms Ledden said. But Ms Wilschefski, 61, felt certain someone was watching over her that day.

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Saving lives on the sports field

The enormous growth in grass roots ‘masters’ sports is a healthy development for aging players but it also means more people may be at risk of having a heart attack while playing.

Three guests who’ve all been touched by tragedy of this kind are part of a campaign to save lives.

They want defibrillators in all local sports clubs.

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