National Assembly of Local Government Conference in Canberra

How many speed dates can two girls have! Well, that’s what we call them. Sally and Sue have just returned from National Assembly of Local Government Conference in Canberra where they had worthwhile face to face conversations with General Managers, CEO’s and Councillors representing local Councils from across Australia.

The topics of discussion were centred on “Building Tomorrow’s Communities” – with some great speakers and challenging content.

Our challenge was to right the wrongs that were out there about Automatic External Defibrillators, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the solution of empowering communities to be ready, first responders, even if you do have an Ambulance in your town.

Our message is simple; Defib For Life want to save lives by ensuring as many people as possible throughout the community in public places have access to automatic defibrillation. If you have a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (and approx. 33,000 Australians of all ages do each year out of hospital), what are the chances that the Ambulance you need, is near by and actually has an AED on board?

We had one piece of homework for all those we talked to – 1) ask if you actually have AED’s in your communities; if you do, where are they located and does your community know? And 2) if you don’t, don’t wait til its too late, talk to us to see how we can help your community be stronger together by still all being here tomorrow.

We hope that there is a lot more than speed dating chatter that is happening in Council Chambers all across the country this week; real discussion should equal real action.

Don’t wait ’til it’s too late!

Defib for Life is attending the National General Assembly of Local Governments

Getting the message out there is a big part of what we spend a lot of time working on her at Defib For Life. Raising the awareness is just as crucial as raising the number of defibrillators in our community – so this coming week we are going to work on both!

Defib for Life is attending the National General Assembly of Local Governments. A unique opportunity to connect with over 800 influencers and decision makers from councils across Australia whilst they develop policy and fiscal strategy for the coming year. These delegates represent the peak body for the local government sphere in Australia, the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) which initiates policy development on national issues.

Attending the Assembly offers us the opportunity to show these delegates WHAT WE DO which is to educate communities to access early defibrillation knowing its imperative to improving outcomes from an unexpected sudden cardiac arrest.

During the Assembly, we have the opportunity to engage with federal politicians, to show them that it is now more important than ever to respond to the demand in the community to supply more units nationally to sporting clubs, organisations, workplaces, schools, and the like and to eventually create relevant legislative change to make AED’s legally required within these locations.

You can help out if you like, by writing to your local council and or elected members and ask them if they are going to invest a small amount of money to make your community rescue ready!

Don’t wait til its too late.

Sports Club Grants: Funding Your Life-Saving Defibrillator

For small and not-for-profit associations, a defibrillator can feel like a luxury, rather than the critical safety equipment it is.

Although most sports club recognise defibrillators as an essential part of their safety equipment toolkit, the initial outlay of cash required to install one can be daunting. For smaller clubs operating on shoestring budgets, raising the money needed can seem like a difficult issue to overcome. Your registration fees and community events cover the basics, but finding room for facility and equipment upgrades is an uphill battle.


Brighton Real Estate Agency to bring defibrillator to auctions

We love finding stories where communities are being innovative and finding ways to keep their communities safe.

This is a great idea, selling houses is a stressful experience….buying one even more so! If you are selling your house, ask your agent if they have a defibrillator in their car?

A leading Bayside community business is taking the initiative to help keep its citizens safe by carrying a defibrillator to every Auction in the Bayside area. The following story refers to a “heart attack” but the symptoms are classic to those of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest – no warning signs!

With every minute that passes after a sudden cardiac arrest, the chance of survival decreases by 10%. But by increasing the number of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) out in our communities, we have the power to change the outcome.

You can help create a safer space for your community by including a defibrillator in your safety equipment. Is your community prepared?

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