Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.

September is “National Preparedness Month”, and Defib For Life, along with our supplier ZOLL have some suggestions as to how you, your school, your faculty, or office can ensure your environment has an emergency readiness plan.

Sudden cardiac arrest symptoms are often immediate, giving little warning, and are drastic.

  • Sudden collapse
  • No pulse
  • No breathing
  • Loss of consciousness

What to do if you Suspect Cardiac Arrest?

  • Call 000
  • Start CPR and
  • Apply and Automatic External Defibrillator.

Timely use of an AED could mean the difference between life and death. September is nearly over, but planning ahead should never be. Don’t wait til its too late.

Here is some information on National Preparedness Month along with some tips to ensure you are prepared.

GoodSAM App….what a great idea – what does everyone think?

Neil Mitchells 3AW Mornings show had a recent interview with Dr Mark Wilson, the developer of GoodSAM App.

GoodSAM App – is a web based platform (access via an App) designed to focus on gathering a register of people who are trained in CPR who can register to be part of the program. It’s all about finding a way to utilise a community of people to be available when a SCA occurs until an ambulance arrives.

The App integrates with a computer dispatch system (000). If someone dials 000 and says certain words it triggers the GoodSAM App which alerts the trained responders so they can attend the event, begin CPR, and apply a defibrillator.

The App is going live in early 2018 in Victoria so they are trying to map locations of all AED’s in Victoria prior to that. At the moment they only have location of 10% – 15% of AED’s.

At Defib For Life we certainly know of hundreds of defibrillators that have gone out there through our program – do you think this tool can help?

If so, you can register your AED unit at Ambulance VIC or GoodSAM App.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest and cardiovascular disease does not discriminate

One of the things we love working at Defib For Life, is each week we are learning something new.

With a number of other priorities on our list this week, we were talking to one of the soccer clubs who have just put in a series of AED units; we focus on the players, often men and yet its often the women on the committee doing the organising or the research to ensure their community is a safer place to be. Then we asked ourselves, I wonder how sudden cardiac arrest effects women – this is what we learned.

Women are just as much at risk of sudden cardiac arrest and cardiovascular disease as men, however the message is not getting through.

It does not discriminate – it’s not your age, it’s not your fitness level it’s not background and it is not your gender – it can happen to anyone.

The following article reveals Cardiovascular disease is the single biggest killer of Australian women, claiming the lives of 31,000 every year with in and out of hospital events.

Keep up the hard work in fundraising, writing grants, lobbying your council or sporting body – every sporting club, community hall or stadium and indeed your workplace should have one.

Don’t wait til its too late.

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