Gambling Community Benefit Fund

At Defib For Life we like to keep you up to date with what Grants are available in each State.

The Queensland Government is currently offering a Gambling Community Benefit Fund which allocates grants to not-for-profit community groups, to enhance their capacity to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities.

Round 98 is open and will close at 11.59pm on 31st August 2018.

This is a perfect opportunity for those community groups out there who have wanted to install a defibrillator but haven’t had the funds in the past.

Now is your opportunity!

All eligible organisations can submit grant applications to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund through the GCBF online grants portal.

Why Choose Defib For Life?

The second round of the NSW Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program is now open. As an approved NSW Government AED Service Provider, Defib For Life wants to ensure your club is a safer place to be. Giving everyone a chance to survive is what it’s about. At the moment only those who collapse where a defibrillator is nearby stand a chance at survival.

So which unit is right for your Club?

Defib For life have done the research for you and provided you with a choice of the two best defibrillators on the market, designed to give you the best chance of success during an emergency.

Defib For Life also provide expert face-to-face training and education from Sports Medicine Australia to help clubs feel confident using the equipment as well as online training video with unlimited access.

Not all AED units are the same and not all packages are the same – so make sure if you are comparing, it’s “Defibrillators with Defibrillators”.

Don’t wait till it’s too late; let us know if we can help. Apply for the NSW Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program before applications close on Friday 14 September 2018.

Where does your heart lie?

Hearts will be pumping on Monday evening with the Grand Final of the “Worlds Game” between Croatia and France.

Croatia will take on France in the World Cup final – their first ever appearance after beating England 2-1 in extra time in Moscow.

Where does your heart lie?

Grand Final events such as this sure get your heart pumping, and Defib For Life are here to keep your heart pumping!

Did you know that if not treated in minutes, sudden cardiac arrest usually causes death? It’s a topic we don’t want to talk about – but we should because it can happen at any time. The good news is Sudden Cardiac Arrest can be arrested and the best chance of survival following an arrest is with the urgent use of a defibrillator.

Automatic External Defibrillators like the ones you can purchase in our online store are small computerised devices that analyse your heart rhythms to provide a shock automatically. They only activate when necessary, eliminating the risk of a user error. They can be used anywhere by anyone to administer a life-saving shock with audio and visual prompts to guide first responders through the necessary steps.

The only thing that restarts the heart is a shock from a defibrillator.

You have a passion for your team, and we have a passion to help save lives by giving every victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest access to immediate lifesaving defibrillation.

All aboard the Defib Bus

Defib For Life love to hear stories of local operators who want to make their communities and workplaces safer places to be.

Owner and driver of Hazelwood coaches Mark Bruetron has recently purchased an Automatic External Defibrillator for his coach. Even though his passengers range from the elderly through to school children, he knows that Sudden Cardiac Arrest doesn’t discriminate; it can strike at any time and at any age.

“I do cart a lot of senior citizens around for general charters and day tours, but also with school groups going to sporting events too. It’s not just adults that can have a cardiac arrest, children can too,” Mr Brueton said.

Don’t wait ‘til it’s too late, install a defibrillator in your workplace, community space, sporting club or school today.