Thank you to our supporters

Defib For Life would like to thank all our supporters during 2018 in particular our Red Army Members who have helped us to pass on the message of how important it is to have an AED installed in communities across Australia. We have asked them to rally the troops and sound the trumpet which they have certainly done!

They got the word out about the importance of purchasing an AED. They shared our social media posts with their networks, they shared their stories and they took the steps to make their communities safer places to be.

Some special moments during 2018 include;

  • the revival of a young football player in May using a unit supplied to the club by Defib For Life
  • and a 15-year-old boy saved by his quick-thinking young colleagues after he suffered a SCA at the McDonalds store he worked at.

In 2019 we are looking forward to more of you getting the word out and therefore hearing about more saves. We will be back in the New Year and we look forward to working toward a safe and rescue ready year ahead.

News of a Save

What great news! The Red Hills Lions Club donated an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to their local Main Ridge Tennis Club back in 2015.

Two weeks ago, they used this unit to save the life of a young 19-year-old cricketer from Dromana who collapsed after suffering a Sudden Cardiac Arrest whilst playing cricket on a nearby oval.

This community was rescue ready.

They knew where their defibrillator was located, and they had access to it within a 10-minute time frame.

This young man is able to celebrate Christmas with his family now thanks to having access to this life saving devise.

Make sure your sports club, community, school and workplaces are rescue ready.

Turn your office party into something different

Why not turn your Office Christmas Party into something more this year?  Instead of organising a Kris Kringle with your office colleague, why not all put in to purchase a life saving defibrillator for your workplace instead.

In this way you can ensure your workplace meets its duty of care to look after you and your colleagues over this festive season and beyond.

Defib For Life has provided support to many organisations around the country, so let up help you too during this special time of year.

Take away the risk; it’s shockingly easy to restart a heart!