The Casterton Community is now Rescue Ready

Last week Sue had a great opportunity to visit the beautiful town of Casterton to present an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to Sharon Gill, a lifeguard at the local Casterton swimming pool. Sharon had realised that although the local bowling club, footy club, and netball club all had AED’s on site, they were locked away, when the grounds were not in use.

She realised that their community was not rescue ready!

So, through the support of a dedicated community, they raised the funds and were able to purchase not only the AED but also the secured cabinet through Defib For Life.

This has been presented by Sue to Sharon and her supporters and is now proudly now placed on the outside wall of the pool, for public use.

The Casterton Caravan Park is located across the road from the swimming pool, and they will also benefit from having this nearby, which means peace of mind to all.


The presentation of the Defibrillator was attended by all those who had helped raise the funds including those from Sacred Heart School, a Mothers Group, the Local Paper, a Kinder Group and some people from the Caravan park.

At the end of the training session Sue was thrilled to see so many people with questions so she arranged for a CPR challenge with the mannequins, where all the school kids, mums, dads, and senior people, were able to get down, and really give it a go. The one thing they had in common, was they all said it was hard work!

A great save story from our friends at ZOLL out of the USA.

The community in Niagra County USA came together 5 years ago to raise funds to purchase an AED for their sports club after one of their team mates passed away.

Then on 20th December 2018, Tom Mooradin, a fit and healthy 55-year-old, who didn’t look like the type of person to go into cardiac arrest, suddenly did!

“I looked over my shoulder and I said, ‘Oh, three minutes. I’ll get out again,'” Mooradian recalled. “I remember skating to the bench, sitting on the bench. I slide over. That’s all I remember.”
His teammates later filled him in on the rest of the story.
“Ken, who was sitting next to me, panicked and started to yell from what the boys tell me,” Mooradian said. “They all came over and about four of them lifted me over the boards. Four more guys caught me and put me on the ice. They started performing CPR.”

The defibrillator that they purchased 5 years ago was put into use, and his life was saved.

Take the time to view the video. Do you have a defibrillator in your sports club?

Talk to us today about how we can help you and your community become rescue ready.

Presentation of 17 life saving AED’s in the Dandenong Ranges Community

At Defib For Life our mission is to get defibrillators installed in as many community spaces as possible, to ensure that no-one is less than 10 minutes away from one of these life saving devices.

In 2018 The Dandenong Ranges Community Bank Group launched its Defibrillator Sponsorship program which resulted in it distributing 17 Cardiac Science G5 Automatic External Defibrillators through Defib For Life to 17 groups within the community.

The Dandenong Ranges Community Bank Group Chairman John Waters said it was great to offer these life saving devices to so many groups in the community.

“These units are provided so that in the case of an emergency they are close at hand and can be used if ambulance is too far away” he said. “We hope they are never used but are pleased that there are now 17 additional AED’s in our community should the need arise”.

Each group receiving an AED will also be given face to face training by Defib For Life.

The recipients of the AED’s included a Riding Club, a Parish, a Bushfire Education Centre, several Primary Schools, a Metropolitan Traffic Education Centre, a Men’s Shed, an RSL Club, a Scout Group, a Recreational and Sporting Hub, CFA and SES outlets and two pharmacies.

“This is a great outcome for our communities and another example of how the community’s banking business produces great benefits,” Senior Group Manager Mike Fleming said.

Defib For Life are so proud to help play a part in this community initiative.