What if I am uncertain about using an AED?

This is a great question, and not a silly one at all. Just remember this rule: if the person is not breathing and has no pulse or has an irregular heartbeat, prepare to use the AED as soon as possible. If the person is breathing, regardless of whether they are responsive (conscious) or not responsive (unconscious), a defibrillator is not required.

Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) like the ones you can purchase in our online store are small computerised devices that analyse your heart rhythms via adhesive electrode pads attached to the person’s chest. The AED determines whether a shock is required and what size of shock is required to the heart and will then deliver the shock automatically. The shock delivered by the AED interrupts the chaotic rhythm of the heart and gives the heart the chance to return to its normal rhythm.

They only activate when necessary, eliminating the risk of a user error. They can be used anywhere by anyone to administer a life-saving shock with audio and visual prompts to guide first responders through the necessary steps. You cannot harm anyone by using a defibrillator, you can only help save their life.

NSW Community Awareness & Response to Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA)

Defib For Life, along with other organisations, were recently invited to attend a Forum at the Westmead Education & Conference Centre in Sydney.

The purpose was to come together to give our ideas to the NSW Government Health Department on ways to increase the survival rates of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests (OHCA). Sue attended and gave valuable insight to the work and survival rates here in Victoria, and to the processes that Ambulance Victoria have in place, such as the AED register, Community Awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and Public Access Defibrillators.

The Forum was attended by the Honourable David Hurley, Dr Kerry Chant PSM, NSW Chief Health Officer and Deputy Secretary Population & Public Health, along with NSW Ambulance.

The day included Round Table discussions on ways to increase public awareness of CPR, the need for Community First Responders, and Public Access Defibrillators.

It was a very interesting afternoon, and many valuable ideas and concepts were put forward for the Government Departments to consider.

It was agreed that all that attended would be asked to continue to support and assist in future meetings to help implement strategies.

Defib For Life will continue to support Public Access Defibrillators in NSW, and will attend further Forums later this year.