A survival story from our friends at Zoll

Defib For Life works with the best Automated External Defibrillators on the market. One is the Zoll AED Plus.

Our friends at ZOLL AEDs have shared this great save story. Merle Glasser had no prior symptoms, no warning and for a few minutes, no pulse. His co-workers jumped in to help and saved his life.

Having an AED nearby makes a significant difference between survival and death. Life can change in a second – and with the push of an AED button you can save a life in seconds.

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One year anniversary for survivor of SCA

Last year Liam Birch, a healthy fit young man playing football for the Wallan Magpies Under 19’s against Rupertswood, suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest and collapsed unresponsive to the ground.

A spectator at the game Tony Freeman saw Liam drop to the ground and ran to his aid. “He just sort of stood there, dazed, and then face planted. Not a faint, but a total body drop. So, I jumped straight over and when I got there, he was making gasping sounds.”

“I knew it wasn’t right, I checked his pulse and began administering the CPR… then we used the defibrillator and it saved his life.

Liam’s father Adam also rushed to his side – “it was the most traumatic experience of my life, to see my son staring blankly with nothing there – it was horrific.”

When Tony activated the defibrillator it shocked Liam once and after about 10 seconds, Liam came to. “It was the longest 10 seconds of my life” says Adam.

Liam’s life was saved by Tony Freeman, a quick thinking first responder and with the use of a defibrillator.

This Saturday 4th May Liam will once again be playing football against Rupertswood Football Club. Sue Buckman from Defib For Life will be there to support Liam’s comeback and to witness the reunion between Liam and Tony. Adam Birch will be there too, continuing to advocate the importance of installing defibrillators in every sporting ground across the country.