Visitor saved at local gym

Another story we want to share with you about the importance of having an AED in as many community places as possible, including your local gym.

68-year-old avid gym goer David Dempsey suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest whilst riding a recumbent bike at his local gym in Fort Walton Beach Florida. Staff spotted him slumped over unconscious with no pulse and immediately went into action.

They called emergency services, started CPR then applied the AED which likely saved his life.

Luckily David has made a full recovery, with a new stent in his heart and is now back on the bike.

Hear his full story here.

Uluru Rescue

A Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen anywhere at any time – even halfway up Uluru!

Luckily for the 64-year-old man who suffered a SCA whilst climbing the rock, there were several first responders around him that helped save his life.  This included two off duty paramedics from Tasmania who helped stabilise him, two Western Australian miners trained in vertical rescue who were able to perform CPR, whilst two off duty police officers went back down the rock to get a defibrillator, which shocked the mans heart back to a “survivable rhythm” within 5 minutes.

Read more about this complicated rescue here, which ultimately led to a good outcome for this lucky man.