Our Defibrillator Packages

Protect your team mates, colleagues, friends, and loved ones with these industry leading Automatic External Defibrillators!

Defib for Life offers the choice of two leading Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) so you know you’re getting the best quality safety equipment. Our packages include face-to-face training, extended warranty, and replacement pads and electrodes to ensure anyone knows how to use your new life-saving tool.

Did you know that our Defibrillators are fully tax deductible? Well they are, the money can be spent and recouped almost immediately. Tax time may be the perfect time for your organisation to install one of these lifesaving devices, let’s turn the statistics around!

Cardiac Science Unit – $2,210.10

The Powerheart G5 AED is easy to use, reliable and technologically advanced, giving everyone the confidence to respond in an emergency. The 8 year warranty includes replacement pads and batteries.

Included in your Defib for Life package:

– Adult & paediatric pads (Please note: paediatric pads excluded in Workplace defibrillators)
– lntelliSense Lithium battery guarantee period – 4yrs
– Carry Case – Sleeve
– Wall Mount – Sleeve
– Rescue Ready Kit
– Laminated AED usage Poster
– AED window stickers/3D AED sign
– Operators Guide/Manual
– Training DVD
– Online training
– Delivery

ZOLL Unit – $2,550

The ZOLL unit features a unique CPR feedback tool that monitors CPR quality, as well as audio and visual prompts to help you rescue and resuscitate. The 7 year warranty covers both hardware and software.

Included in your Defib for Life package:

– CPR-D-padz® Adult Electrodes (5-year Shelf Life)
– Paediatric (excluded for Workplace defibrillators) for the life of the warranty with no additional service costs
– Lithium 123 x 10 battery* guarantee period – 5yrs
– Carry Case – Case
– Wall Mount – Bracket
– Rescue Ready Kit
– Laminated AED usage Poster
– AED window stickers/3D AED sign
– Operators Guide/Manual
– Online training
– Delivery

(Please note: Workplace defibrillators cost $2450)

Defibrillator Add-Ons

Visit our online store to find defibrillator accessories and components to help you stay safe in the event of a cardiac emergency. Wall brackets, carry cases, and signs are all available to make sure your defibrillator is clearly visible and easy to find when it’s required, and replacement batteries, pads, electrodes and lids keep it fully functional.

All items listed are in Australian dollars, shipping additional.

For an itemised quote please contact Sue Buckman on  1300 880 309 or email sue@defibforlife.org.au

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