An unremarkable day in 2010 turned to tragedy.

Nineteen year-old Stephen Buckman went to footy training as usual. After the session, he felt so ill, he collapsed in the change room.

An off-duty firie, a paramedic and doctor all tried to resuscitate him but the only thing that would have worked was a defibrillator.

The ambulance was 22 minutes away. Stephen’s condition kills in ten. And it did.

Stephen was one of tens of thousands of people in Australia going about their daily lives unaware they have an underlying heart condition that could lead to Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

A Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a medical emergency of the highest priority and it does not discriminate. It can and does affect people of all ages, and can be triggered by high levels of activity, like when you’re playing sport.

The good news is that a Sudden Cardiac Arrest can be arrested with the immediate use of an Automatic External Defibrillator.

Playing sport

Make sure your club can protect your sporting community in an emergency by including a defibrillator in your essential safety equipment.


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Without medical intervention, the chances of surviving a

Sudden Cardiac Arrest are just 8%.

Learn more about funding opportunities for sports clubs, the medical statistics that show why defibrillators are so essential, and incredible stories of survival.

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Two defibrillators

What you need to know about defibrillators

  • You cannot harm anyone by using a defibrillator, you can only help save their life.
  • The AED works by assessing if there is any electrical rhythm in the heart and if not, the AEDs that Defib For Life issues determine what size of shock is required. The AED automatically issues the shock, leaving no room for doubt.
  • In the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, the only thing that will restart the heart is a shock from a defibrillator.
  • The defibrillators we issue are as easy to use as a fire extinguisher, and take up the same amount of space.

For your athletes, volunteers, parents, supporters and coaches – don’t wait until it’s too late.

Install a defibrillator in your sports club today.

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