Cardiac Arrest Patients Owes His Life to Defibrillation

It was a standard afternoon for Rob Comley playing his beloved pennant tennis when a sudden cardiac arrest saw him collapse at Blue Gum Park Tennis Club, Brentwood on 16 March 2014. Fellow tennis players, Steph MacDonald a theatre nurse and Doctor Tom Lane were on an adjoining court when they saw Rob collapse and rushed to his aid to find him grey, flat lining and with no pulse or respirations.

Recognising it was a life or death situation for Mr Comley, Ms McDonald and Doctor Lane were alerted to the fact that Blue Gum Park Tennis Club had a defibrillator onsite which had earlier been recommended by and purchased through Defib for Life (DFL). With the knowledge of how to use the equipment, they immediately called for the machine and commenced defibrillation.