Immediate access to a defibrillator is the only way to survive a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

At Defib For Life, our mission is to get defibrillators installed in every sporting club, sporting complex, health club, community facility, school, corporate office, government building, and industrial facility. An important part of achieving this mission is our advocacy work within community, local, state and federal governments to create relevant legislative change.

With over 33,000 people experiencing an out-of-hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest every year in Australia, of all ages and fitness levels, we believe defibrillators are as essential as fire extinguishers. The only way to make sure that people like Stephen have the best chance of survival is to guarantee access to a defibrillator is available, wherever we are in our everyday lives.

Where it all began

In 2010, Victoria was rocked by the tragic deaths of several young athletes and officials at sporting venues.

Among them was Stephen Buckman, a much loved 19 year old footballer with his whole life ahead of him, who collapsed and died from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) while attending training at Rupertswood Football Club.

Experienced Victorian MICA paramedic, Andrew White, founded Defib for Life along with Sue Buckman, Stephen’s mum. Andrew and Sue took this heart-breaking tragedy and used it to fuel their mission to minimise tragic and unnecessary deaths and drastically improve the chances of survival for people like Stephen.

Defib for Life started as a movement focused on sporting clubs but grew in order to encourage every sporting club, workplace, school and public space to install a life-saving defibrillator.

“The initiative is simple; we wanted to establish a pathway that will educate communities on the subject of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and demonstrate how anyone can easily and safely use an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) in an effort to save a life.” – Andrew White, Defib for Life founder


What We Do

We provide high quality defibrillator packages and advocate for their installation in every public place. 

Why We Do It?

To save lives by giving every victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest access to immediate life-saving defibrillation.

How We Do It

We educate sporting clubs, workplaces, schools and other community spaces about the risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the lives that could be saved with a defibrillator.

Why Choose Us

Our not-for-profit package gives you a choice between the leading three defibrillator manufactures on the market, plus training and a 7 or 8 year warranty on product, pads and battery.