• Sue's Retirement and Tribute

    A moment of reflection, to reminisce, on the remarkable Defib For Life campaigner, Sue Buckman. Winner of the 2019 pride of Australia award, Aust...
  • It was 12 years ago that 2 of our great Ambassadors stepped up to help our cause.. Dr Peter Larkins and Chris Judd.

  • Become a GoodSam Responder

    Every second counts when it comes to surviving a sudden cardiac arrest. In those critical moments, having someone nearby who knows CPR and has acce...
  • 26 yo Keysborough AFL footballer survives on field cardiac arrest!!

    Defib For Life was established after 4 young players lost their lives at Victorian sporting venues in May 2010. It was found then that only 2-3% of...
  • Defibrillator Donation to sporting precinct in the NT...

    Defib For Life and Coolinga Community Bank have donated a life saving defibrillator to the Southern District Cricket Club.. Andrew White from Defib For Life said "This is our first defibrillator donation in the NT.  We have now donated defibrillators in every State and Territory across Australia" The support of the Bendigo Community Banks have been amazing. In the last 12 years we have implemented in access of 500 defibrillators through our partnership with the Community banking sector. The chances of someone surviving a cardiac arrest hugely increase when bystanders start CPR and apply a public access defibrillator. White Said " Public access defibrillators are easy to use, they have voice prompts that you follow, please don't be frightened to use one, you could help to save someone you know. Call 1800 880 309 for more information.

  • Knowing the important signs of Heart Attack

    If the last two weeks have taught us anything it's knowing the signs of a heart attack and vital early access to a defibrillator is. NEWS STORY LINK
  • 'I couldn't let a mate die': Study shows hidden spike in cardiac deaths

    'I couldn't let a mate die': Study shows hidden spike in cardiac deaths

    Cardiac-arrest survival rates halved in Victoria during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic as strict safety protocols delayed paramedics.

    Research led by Ambulance Victoria has found paramedics are taking an extra two minutes to arrive at the scene under strict coronavirus protocols, including putting on full personal protective equipment such as face masks, gloves and gowns, blowing out emergency response times.


    68-year-old avid gym goer David Dempsey suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest whilst riding a recumbent bike at his local gym in Fort Walton Beach Florida. Staff spotted him slumped over unconscious with no pulse and immediately went into action.

    Wednesday July 24th is Thank a Paramedic Day, an opportunity to thank these amazing people in our community who are so dedicated to their work as first responders.

    “They were amazing. I rang the founder Sue Buckman and told her what we had been told and she said she would pack it up straight away even it if took us three years to pay off because she wanted us to have it immediately,” Ms Wilson said.
  • Geelong’s Lara MP John Eren tells all: `I was dead for three minutes’

    Victorian Sport Minister John Eren says there’s nothing like dying to bring you back down to earth with a thud. He’s been there, dead for three mi...